Team Rider Tom Butler offers surfing tips on how to surf better on your back-hand with some advice on top turns.

Jack Butler performing Back Hand Bottom Turns
Surfer: Tom Butler back-hand surfing Photo: @biskit_diaries
Sticking on the backhand!

1. When performing a backhand bottom turn, rotate your wrist so your palm faces up. Place your arm slightly behind you and try squat low enough you touch the wave face with your front hand. As you do this, it will force your trunk and hips to open up and direct your board more vertically into the lip!
2. Before the turn, look at the lip you want to crack!
3. It's then a case of remaining focused on the lip and rotating the opposite direction nice and early to create the snap back off the lip.
4. Get ready to compress your legs on the landing and repeat the process 4 more times on the wave! You just scored a 10 pointer ! Create different variations of the back hand snap by turning off different parts of the lip or shoulder! In this pic I'm hacking more than snapping!

Enjoy the waves people!
Jack Butler existing large barrel

Surfer: Tom Butler catching big wave barrels in Ireland, front side surfing. Photo: Ian Mitchinson