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Different beasts from your run of the mill scooter, Osprey Dirt Scooters are built with rough terrain in mind. These are serious off road pieces of kit and have been put through their paces by real pros on demanding dirt tracks to ensure they are perfect dirt scooters.

Rugged bison-sized pneumatic tyres, durable chrome handle bars and hardy aluminium decks are just a few of the performance enhancing features you can expect to find on Osprey dirt scooters. Designed in the UK, these scooters are endorsed by our finest Osprey team riders and have received 5 star ratings across the board.

You haven’t really tried off road scooting until you take one of these out for a ride. All-terrain scooters allow you to perform all kinds of exhilarating tricks, runs and manoeuvres allowing for high impact sessions you couldn’t pull off in parks or on the street. Fans of action sports are bound to enjoy the wide range of unique riding opportunities made possible by a dirt scooter. You won’t find a better range of dirt scooters for sale.