It's official! This year we have partnered with CleanHub as a supporter. We have committed to funding the removal of 25,000 KGs of plastic from the environment over the next 12 months, the equivalent of 1kg for every Osprey website order.

Why CleanHub?

Cleanhub is dedicated to keeping oceans plastic-free, focusing on the most critical regions where the highest possible impact on preventing marine plastic pollution can be realised. South (East) Asia is the gateway for more than 80% of all plastic that enters our oceans.

By partnering up, Osprey commits to helping protect our oceans with every order placed.

How It Works

Using plastic comes with a responsibility. In many cases, plastic is still the most viable option for packaging. However, we believe it is also our responsibility to take care of the waste generated by our activities. Through our partnership with CleanHub, we are able to act on that responsibility and invest in resilient waste management solutions across Asia. Starting from April 2022, our portfolio of collection partners will start collecting on our behalf across Asia, with the goal to reach 25,000kg of plastic removal in 12 months.
You can follow our journey and live collection updates by visiting our impact report.

Where We're Collecting