Hand-picked by one of the Osprey team - our top 5 favourite places to surf in Devon... but do you agree?! Over the next month we’ll be posting some of our Team Riders’ favourites as well… so don’t forget to let us know your thoughts and comments below at the bottom of the page! 


5. Putsborough Beach

Putsborough Beach

Accessible from Woolacombe by simply walking the 3m distance down the beach Putsborough can hold a bigger wave than its neighbour. It offers beginners a good wave, as well as waves ideal for the more experienced rider, in bigger swell. It has a strong rip towards the South end of the beach near the cliffs (which can be useful to the veterans but dangerous to the inexperienced) so as with any day on the waves know your limits and always check with the locals if you’re new to an area.


4. Saunton Sands

Saunton Sands

Another one for Osprey’s longboard brigade, a pretty large (and by that we mean huge) beach, that has slow walls of water and offers beginners a good peak to get up and riding! Can get a bit crowded at weekends and can get rippy along the side of the cliffs. Works well at low tide and is one of our favourite places to test our boards!

Handy tip - Car parking is free if you arrive very early morning or late in the evening... or in the middle of winter! Otherwise its £4 pounds the rest of the time. There is a large car park with plenty of spaces and signposted from the road.


3. Woolacombe Beach

Woolacombe Beach

Woolacome offers a nice mellow wave ideal for longboarders , beginners and intermediates offering shapely low tide peaks. It can get crowded but is still one of our favourite places to go hunting for peaks in the summer months. The atmosphere is generally good with Lifeguards patrolling regularly in high season. Some of the best waves we’ve caught have been in the glassy summer swell of Woolacombe on boards over 7ft! Just watch out for bodyboarders (you may guess this was written by a longboarder!!) and the occasional heavy wave that can really knock the wind out of you on a late take off! It can be a beautiful place to watch in the evening, great for all you budding ‘soul surfers’.

You can get decent access to Coombesgate beach from the north end of the bay. Yes we’re cheating and combining two spots, but in our defence there’s only a rocky point separating them! Coombesgate can offer better barrels than Woolacombe bay without the crowding, but trades off these with the added danger of rocks and a pretty strong rip! The best surfing is at mid tide, as high tide can make for pretty dangerous exit so make sure you check your position regularly and get out in advance if you want to avoid a pretty unpleasant experience!


2. Bantham Beach

Bantham Beach

One of our absolute favourites and arguably South Devon’s best beach (as a result always busy). Bantham has a pretty strong rip due to the River Avon but works on all tides (especially well at low and mid tide) and boasts a swell range of 2 -12 ft. so it usually means we can break out a variety of boards! You can usually find at least one member of Team Osprey paddling out here at any given point!

Bantham is also the closest consistent surf spot to our Osprey Devon HQ so you can sometimes spot us product testing in the surf here!


1. Croyde Bay

Croyde Bay

Most probably the most popular spot in Devon and in the UK outside of Newquay (arguably) and offers ‘A’ frames and barrels on low tides; (again arguably) the best beach break in the UK on its day. Crowding can be a problem due to popularity as can rips when the swell is at size. However for those surfers who live a little way inland it makes a great spot for all levels of ability, ranging from beginner waves on smaller days (mid to high tides) to the fast paced hollow-tubes suitable for the more gnarled and grizzled veterans on bigger days at low tide.

On the whole Croyde is a highly consistent place to surf and one of our personal favourites.

So now you know our favourites, it’s time to tell us yours. Where are your favourite spots (secret or otherwise)? What do you think of our favourite spots? Comments below...

Putsborough Beach Photo Credit: northdevonfarmer via photopincc
Saunton Sands Photo Credit: catvictor via photopincc
Woolacombe Beach Photo Credit: northdevonfarmer via photopincc
Bantham Beach Photo Credit: Kieran Gillard via photopincc
Croyde Bay Photo Credit: Joe Dunckley via photopincc