Osprey is proud to be supporting Longboarding for Peace UK, the British representation of the Longboarding for Peace global movement. We have dontated a number of our best longboards in hope that we can help support this hugely positive organisation in it's goal of helping more people experience the positive effects that action sports like longboarding can bring to peoples lives.

As the name suggests Longboarding for Peace is an organisation dedicated to promoting peace and harmony along with a positive outlook, all done through the art of longboarding. Michael Brooke Director of Longboarding for Peace Global and publisher of Concrete Wave Magazine outlined his mission statement:

"Longboarding for Peace is a movement forward. We embody the spirit of all that is good and pure about Longboarding. We empower people to step on, step up and make great things happen in their communities. We strive to increase joy and happiness, and decrease pain and suffering.

Our goal is to build a global Peace Army of 50,000 people. Each of us will commit at least one act of kindness every single day. This will generate over 20 million acts of kindness per year.

Through kindness, camaraderie and the true spirit of Longboarding, we’ll make the world a better place.”

Check out the video of how it all started below.

Chris Pearson is the UK representative for Longboarding for Peace (L4P) and grew up in the surfing town of Newquay in Cornwall. A qualified surf instructor by 19 he rekindled is love of skateboarding when his daughter took interest in the sport and upon purchasing a new deck was introduced to L4P buy an assortment of accessories that came along with it. After contacting L4P in the States he decided to set up Longboarding for Peace UK and now be dedicates his time to introduce fun, fitness and Longboarding friendship to children and adults at schools and events all across the UK.

 Longboarding for Peace UK

Commenting on Osprey’s involvement with L4P UK Chris had this to say:

"Osprey fits well into our plans as it allows the Parents of the school Children to buy a quality, long lasting and cool looking longboard without having to spend the usual hundreds of pounds associated with the sport. To introduce the sport to the next generation of children it is important that companies like Osprey continue to help Longboards be accessible to the general public.

Longboarding for Peace UK wishes to thank Osprey for their support and looks forward to the next generation of longboarders enjoying themselves.”