International big wave surfer and Osprey team rider Tom Butler, scored big off the Ireland's West coast, catching an absolute monster that now has him nominated for a Billabong XXL award!
Tom Butler Rides Monster XXL Nominated Wave In Ireland
‘Buttsy’ towed into this bomb and a half at Mullaghmore Head, where the predicated stormy weather and tidal surge has once again brought about the ideal conditions for big wave lovers all over Europe. Speaking to GrindTV, Tom described the moment he was pulled into the watery green leviathan: 
"It was a gigantic barrel, and I was standing in the jaws of it, I ended riding over the lumps of the three different ledge-y parts of the reef and came out. The boys were screaming. I sensed then that it might have been a pretty special wave.”
Tom Butler Rides Monster Wave In Ireland
You can read the full account of Tom’s barrel riding exploits over at the Grind TV site. you can also view a pretty awesome frame-by-frame photo sequence of that "pretty special wave”.
Check out the view from outside the tube in the video below.
(Warning contains strong language!)
Photo Credits: Finn Mullen & Aaron Pierce


Video Credit: Peter Conroy