There are so many reasons why surfing and skateboarding are great physical exercise, but did you know they're amazing for your mental wellbeing too? Here are some reasons that surfing and skateboarding are good for the soul!

1. Surfing & Skating clear your mind.

Nothing clears your mind like focusing on a new skill. In a society where we're reliant on screens and bombarded with information, skating and surfing is a welcome break from the world. Both sports require immense focus and concentration meaning whilst your focused on your board, those thoughts and worries disappear for a time, leading to an increase in mood and a decrease in blood pressure. Surfing in particular has been a common addition to treatment plans for those suffering with PTSD due to its therapeutic nature.

2 . They help improve sleep.

Exercise can really help with getting a better nights sleep. Surfing in particular is a great way to improve sleep quality. Being outdoors increases melatonin in your body, a hormone produced by the brain. This hormone helps with the timing of your cardiac rhythm and in turn, helps you maintain a healthy sleep pattern. Regular cardiovascular exercises such as surfing and skating are two great outdoor exercises that help increase melatonin. Paired with the physical exhaustion, these exercises help you fall asleep faster and deeper.

3. They're great for managing anxiety.

Being out in the fresh air is an amazing way of managing anxiety. Involvement in surfing and skating can reduce stress, increase confidence and provides a form of escapism. Skateboarding in particular can be highly soothing due to its vast stimuli and social nature.
Both surfing and skating help combat anxiety by putting you into an anxiety inducing situation. If you're keen to progress, there's no other way than you confront your fears. It forces you to gain control over your own thoughts, which is effective for overthinkers!

4. They Increase Self Esteem.

Skateboarding and surfing are highly social sports. Through both, you'll meet people of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels. In a sport where progression is key, these communities are an amazing way of socialising and learning. Whilst you may feel shy or self conscious at first, after time yours qualms will disappear. Trying new things and getting out of your comfort zone is a massive self-confidence boost and the feeling of progression as you perform your first trick gives you a sense of purpose. Experiencing this amongst a likeminded community helps add to the enjoyment!

5. They keep you fit!

Skateboarding and surfing are two great forms of cardio workout! Both sports incinerate calories, tone muscle and improve your core stability. Skateboarding not only tones your core but is also an amazing lower body work out working your glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves. Kicking (the pushing motion used to move off) resembles lunging, a key lower body exercise.

Surfing provides a full body work out! From working out the shoulders and arms when paddling out to catch waves, to strengthening your glutes and quads by squatting and balancing on your board, surfing requires a combination of strength and cardio. The sport has a brilliant cross-training effect.