Rain or shine, we love to skate and we know you do too! We’ve complied the top 5 best skate spots in the UK so you can get out there and find the very best places to skate in the UK.

1 - Southbank, London

Perhaps one of the most iconic skate locations on the planet, Southbank’s scarce array of stairs and ledges provides a basis for the UK’s history of skateboarding. Whilst nothing spectacular, Southbank is a free to use park, situated on the river Thames in Waterloo. Right on the water’s edge, Southbank boasts an impressive crowd at most times during the day, hugely down to the 40+ years it has been in use- beginning the once fad that is now a global sport. You’ll find numerous skate icons regularly visiting this spot and at any one time you’re sure to see the filming of a skate montage! Recognisable and classic, Southbank is loved and known by many- making it our top skate location in the UK.

Southbank skatepark, London

2 - Ramp City, Blackpool

29,000 square foot of indoor skatepark, a 13’3 vert ramp (one of the UK’s largest) and numerous spots for the street skaters makes Ramp City a must visit. The prices are; £7 per session, £10 All Day or £20 for a 5 day pass. Well maintained and open to all riders, Ramp City also offers competitions for those more experience skaters looking to ‘kick-flip’ their competitive careers into action and even win some prizes. Such a diverse and popular skatepark, Ramp City is definitely worth a visit. Find out more about Ramp City here.

Ramp City skatepark, Blackpool

 3 - House of Vans, London     

Situated in 5 antiquated tunnels beneath Waterloo station, the House of Vans is a super cool spot for any avid skater. 2 of the featured tunnels contain impressive Skateparks for all abilities of skater or BMX rider. Tunnel 4 is home to a deep bowl, whilst tunnel 5 hosts a street skate/mini ramp area – both of which are constructed using glossy, slick concrete. We think this is an awesome location, so unique to many of the other Skateparks around the UK. It’s not often you get to skate underground in a disused tunnel of central London! The House of Vans is a skater’s dream land, placing 3rd on our list! Find out more about the House of Vans here.

House of Vans skatepark, London

4 - Projekts MCR – Manchester

You’ll find just about everything you’re looking for at Projekts MCR. Positioned in central Manchester and starting at a cost of only £3, this Skatepark is one of our favourites. Projekts offers coaching sessions to help you navigate your way around the sea of stairs, ledges and mini-ramps; catering to all abilities. Projekts MCR aims to help get regular riders to begin learning new ramp disciplines by providing these facilities to the widest possible audience. Keep up the great work guys! Find out more about Projekts MCR here.

Projekts MCR skatepark, Manchester

5 - Kaos Skatepark, Glasgow

Kaos is the largest indoor concrete park in the UK. This says it all! Verts, bowls, full pipes and rails, there is nothing you won’t find at Kaos. Previous hosts of the Scottish street champs, this park in East Kilbride is nothing short of paradise for the skate enthusiast. At the cost of 2 hours for £5 or £10 all day, Kaos had to feature on our list!

Kaos Skatepark, Glasgow

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