At Osprey, we know that buying for friends and family can be tricky. With the festive season quickly approaching, we’ve compiled a list of gifts that thrill seekers of all abilities will love.

From surfing stocking fillers through to our legendary longboards, we’ve hand-selected a range of products which we know are guaranteed to make them smile.

Wetsuit Changing Mat

The perfect stocking filler, the Osprey Changing Mat is ideal for adventurous surfers who are looking to make life as easy as possible. Perfect for keeping your wetsuit, gloves and boots off the sand, this waterproof changing mat doubles up as a handy storage bag, with the carry handles making putting your gear back in the van after a session easier than ever. Simply pull the drawstring tight and carry your gear back in one easy trip.

osprey wetsuit changing mat

Osprey Dirt Scooter

A best-seller year after year, the Osprey Dirt Scooter is an ideal gift for adrenaline junkies looking to tackle any terrain. Built to withstand the rigours of off-road use, the strong aluminium deck, chunky pneumatic tyres and strengthened Chromoly handlebars keep you in control. Available in a range of colours, there’s something to suit every dirt-addict’s style, opening up woodlands, trails and pump tracks to all scooter riders.

osprey off road dirt scooter

Cruiser and Longboard Skateboards

With timeless retro style and packed full of premium features, Osprey’s diverse range of longboards is sure to have something to suit every style. Offering the perfect blend of comfort and style, our 41” Stripe Pintail is at home cruising by the seafront or skating longer distances on those warm summer evenings.

For surfers looking to train when the surf is flat, or skaters looking for a different flavour, our Surf-Skate Carve Board is a really exciting board that lets riders hone their skills. Featuring 6” carve trucks, you can pump and produce your own forward motion without having to push. You can also perform extremely deep carves; even getting the tail out! Ideal for practising those tight cutbacks!

Osprey longboards and cruisers


Over the last few years, Quad Skates and Inlines have made a huge comeback! Loved by kids and adults alike, our range of skates are perfect for every type of skater. From adjustable quads that offer years of fun for the kids through to our eye-catching retro quad skates that are a cool alternative to skateboarding, they’re great for getting outside and exercising in style.

osprey roller skates

SUP/Inflatable Paddle Boards

If you spend time in the water, there’s a good chance you’ve seen someone paddleboarding. Having taken the nation by storm in recent years, Paddleboards offer a different flavour for people looking to enjoy the water. Perfect for long distance cruising, the Bestway Hydro-Force™ Oceana is a convertible Paddleboard that also doubles up as a sit-on Kayak, making this an extremely versatile paddleboard that’s perfect for use both in the sea or in rivers or lakes. With its durable drop-stitch construction and easy setup, it’s perfect for helping someone start their paddleboarding journey in style.

hydroforce oceana stand up paddleboard sup set

Still not found what you’re looking for? Head over to our dedicated gifts page to find the perfect gift for your friends and family this year.