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With Roller Skating becoming a favourite pastime for millions around the world, what better opportunity than to talk about the revival of Roller Skates and the health benefits associated with using them. With the ability to be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors, adding a pair Roller Skates to your weekly routine will provide you with a number of health benefits and make exercising loads more enjoyable!

Here are our Top 5 Health Benefits for using Roller Skates:  

1. Cross Training Exercise:

Using Roller Skates requires to you to move like you would when jogging. Skating can therefore be a great way to reap the benefits of jogging whilst adding a bit of fun and variation to your routine. The zero-impact nature of skating is also great for injured runners as skating reduces the intensity of the exercise on damaged joints.

2. Improving Balance and Co-ordination:

As you need to maintain a steady core to stay upright on your Roller Skates, skating is a great way to improve your balance. Combining this with the movement of your legs as you propel yourself along will result in a dramatic improvement in your coordination.  

3. Strengthened Heart and Improved Endurance:

Roller Skating is classed as an effective aerobic exercise that helps to strengthen the heart and improve muscle strength and endurance. Like many other sports you can enhance your work out with Roller Skates by adding hills to your route to challenge your body and improve fitness and endurance. 

4. Works Arms and Legs:

Roller Skating is a great sport for strengthening a wide variety of different muscle groups at the same time. Creating the power in your legs whilst maintaining balance with your arms and your core ensures that you get a full body workout. According to some, roller skating can help you burn between 500 and 700 calories per hour! This is compared to approximately 400 calories burnt per every hour of jogging.

5. Social Activity:

Not only is Roller Skating great for fitness, it is also a great way to get out and socialise. Be it skating indoors at your local hall or riding around town, skating is a great way to meet new people or meet up with your friends or family. Introducing skating into your weekly routine can therefore improve your health whilst having loads of fun in the process!  

Perfect for anyone looking to adopt a healthy lifestyle, roller skates are a great way to get active and have fun in the process. So if you’re bored of jogging or want to inspire your kids to go out and exercise, make friends and have fun, skating is a low-cost sport which everyone can enjoy   

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