Everyone is a fan of a good old viral video and we’re no different! From surfing canines to crazy river breaks, we’ve got it all here in this month’s top viral surfing videos. So sit back, relax and take a look at our top picks! 


The Dock

What do you get if you cross a floating deck with some of the best surfers in the industry? An incredibly ridiculous but amazing video! The love child of the ‘The Stab Magazine’ and Candock, floating dock specialists, the Dock is perfect for those who hate paddling for a wave. Unfortunately it appears to be a one off concept, so don’t get your hopes up that your local spot is going to have one of these any time soon!


Waimea River Break

Every year at Waimea Bay, North Shore, Oahu, conservationists and surfers team up to build a manmade trench at the river’s mouth. With or without human intervention the phenomenon would occur, so building a trench is simply a surfer’s way of giving Mother Nature a little helping hand. In fact it takes 8 hours of digging! But from the awesome results it’s certainly worth it.


Invisible Surfers

Surfers in California have had enough of using normal surfboards and have been instead working on perfecting the ability to ride waves with invisible surfboards. What’s next? A dog surfing competition? Oh wait…


Small Dog Surfing Competition

Who knew that man’s best friend could take to the waves like their surf mad owner? It’s left us asking the question: Is there anything more majestic than seeing a dog ride a wave in slow motion? We think not…


Munich Is the River Surfing Capital of the World

Ever wondered where the river surfing capital of the world is? According to Insider, the iconic city of Munich in Germany is the place to go to find the best infinity waves. Despite being land-locked thousands of surfers visit this beautiful city to experience this wave reserved for the most skilled of surfers. The wave is formed where a fast section of the Eisbach meets a calmer deeper section which creates a consistent high wave effect. Sometimes even chunks of woods are tethered to the bridge in order to encourage a bigger wave!


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