Womens Wetsuits

Womens Wetsuits (14)

Designed for maximum style and durability, Osprey women’s wetsuits offer the discerning water woman all the features you’d expect from a high end ladies wetsuit, from a brand with a passion for the water!

Womens Wetsuits

Osprey’s fantastic range of womens winter wetsuits (5mm) and summer wetsuits (3mm) are designed for maximum comfort and warmth along with awesome flexibility to allow you to get the most out of the water throughout all seasons.

With womens wetsuits in a range of awesome designs, our neoprene is built with all the features that you’d expect from a high quality wetsuit, including anti-rub neck seals and super stretch paddle zones. We have a passion for the big blue and whether your craft is charging waves or exploring coral reefs you will find a durable and stylish wetsuit to help you express yourself in the water.

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