Helmets & Pads

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Osprey helmets and pads are designed to offer skate, scooter and BMX riders the maximum amount of comfort and flexibility, whilst the tough durable materials can help reduce the risk of serious injury.

Helmets & Pads

Osprey helmets and pads range include essential items to protect vulnerable limbs from the inevitable knocks and scrapes that skateboarders and scooter riders suffer. We have produced a range of skate helmets and pads that will not only stand up to the rough and tumble of your bails but will look good and remain comfortable as well.

Osprey helmets conform to EN1078 1997 standards and come in a range of colours, featuring a tough outer shell and impact absorption lining to help keep your cranium protected. Our elbow and knee pads feature adjustable straps for added comfort and are great for minimising abrasions from concrete surfaces, whilst wrist guards will help minimise the risk of bad breaks with their reinforced plastic splints.

Due to the nature of the sports involved we cannot guarantee that our pads and helmets will prevent serious injury from occurring, however wearing protective gear could help reduce their frequency and severity.