Car Accessories

Car Accessories (2)

Osprey’s range of accessories are built for practicality and durability. From innovative storage racks to all-purpose paddles, there is an accessory to maximise your kayaking experience.

Car Accessories

Osprey offer a range of kayak accessories designed to help water lovers of all levels get the most out of their session on the water and aid with solving transportation and storage issues when out of the water.

Experienced pro or complete beginners can benefit from a kayak wall rack to help with the often unforgiving task of storage and keeping a kayak's hull up and away from potential damage. Osprey paddles are great for replacements or handy spares due to the standard wear, tear and risk of loss that goes hand in hand when pitting yourself against the most powerful element on the planet.

Our range of kayak carts feature sturdy rubber pneumatic tyres ideal for getting your kayak to and from the water’s edge with ease, allowing for more energy to be put into the thing that matters most - powering through the water and feeding your love for all things aqua based!

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