Tech Guide

Osprey technical guide for wetsuits, surfboards and the materials we use.

Wetsuits Tech Guide

Osprey has been designing wetsuits since 1994 and established itself a number of years ago as the leading entry level and volume wetsuit brand in the UK market - so it's fair to say that we have valuable experience in creating beginner and intermediate wetsuits of superb quality for equally impressive value. Today across our range we have a comprehensive collection of wetsuits to offer wave riders of all abilities a variety of features to suit varying needs of experience.

The Four Flex 5 featured here is new for 2013 and the pinnacle wetsuit from our range in terms of technical and innovative specifications. It is our warmest and most flexible winter 5/4/3mm wetsuit creation yet and combines the best features of all of our wetsuits as well as some unique qualities of its own.

1.) 5/4/3 Neoprene

Provides the maximum amount of warmth in the vital areas of the suit without hindering flexibility.

2.) Chest Entry System

Prevents water flushing and aids torso flexibility.

3.) Glued & Blind Stitched

Panels are glued together and stitched without penetrating all the way through the neoprene, allowing less water to enter the suit, retaining maximum warmth.

4.) Super Stretch Neck Panel & Collar

Ensures smooth entry into the suit and flexibility around the head and neck area.

5.) Super Stretch Arm Pit & Paddle Zones

Our super stretch neoprene, designed to make sure that your flexibility is not impaired by the suit in the key areas.

6.) Chest & Back Windproof Mesh

Shields against heat lost caused by wind.

7.) Ergonomically Tested Panel Design

Provides maximum flexibility and a comfortable and snug fit.

8.) Anti-Rub Collar

Protects the neck against irritation caused by the friction of wetsuit on skin.

9.) Anti-Rub Cuff & Ankle Openings

Helps prevent abrasions on the wrist and ankle caused by friction.

10.) Rubberised Knee Protectors

Reinforced the neoprene around the knee for maximum durability and provides additional protection from abrasions caused by kneeling.

11.) Durable YKK Chest Zip

For added durability and better security when sealing yourself in.

Internal Reinforced Stress Points

Provides maximum durability and strength allowing the suit maximum flexibility without the risk of blowing a seam.

Internal Key Pocket

Provides safe and secure storage.

Surfboards Tech Guide

All of our surfboards are made using high spec materials and innovative methods to deliver the highest quality product possible. For each board we use a lightweight, strong EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) foam blank which is hand finished with maximum attention to detail. Our toughened skin and epoxy coat is then carefully applied to create a durable and lightweight board that is hard wearing and designed for optimum performance.

All our surfboards come with FCS (Fin Control System) fins to allow the ideal fin set up for each rider's ability, style and preference and a fin key for easy installation. Our boards come with the option of a tri-fin set- up (allowing for single fin and dual fin set-ups) and the deck of the board is decorated with quality embedded graphics then finished with a high gloss to ensure that our boards look as good as they perform.

Product Sourcing

All our wetsuits and accessories are not only designed with performance and comfort in mind, they are comprehensively tested in compliance with Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 to ensure that no harmful chemicals are used during the manufacturing process.

Introduced at the beginning of the 1990s, the Oeko-Tex® Standard in response to increased demand for textiles that where harmless to heath after the widespread and indiscriminate branding of chemicals in textiles as being health risks. There was no reliable assessment of the human ecological qualities of textiles for consumers or a uniform safety standard assessment of potentially harmful substances for manufacturers of textiles before the introduction of the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100.

Osprey wetsuit products are tested in the product class II for textiles used close to the skin, and all components of the items, including everything from threads, to zips are tested to ensure that all our products or completely free of harmful substances. The criteria for testing include; illegal substances, legally regulated substances, known harmful (but not legally regulated) chemicals as well as parameters for health care.

All Osprey wetsuits and accessories proudly carry the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 'Confidence in Textiles' logo.